Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today's been quite the day!

And when I say a day, I mean a day. Seriously, there are days and then there are days, and I haven't had a day like today in many a day! But you know what they say, tomorrow is another day... so does that leave me right back where I started? :P

Well, it's been an interesting week. For one, I have a new job now! I'll be an assistant to a wonderful portrait/event photographer local to my area. She takes gorgeous pictures, guys! Boy oh boy, will I be eyeballing her and her work as I'm being a gopher-slave. I'll be hauling equipment and fetching and holding lights and wrangling children etc etc, but still. It's awesome. Just... awesome. Imma learn so much, yus I will.

I met Josh Ritter last night! He was super awesome and signed his book for me. He was actually rather excited when I told him how much his music meant to me as a writer, it was really fun and totally awesome. Friend Natalie (Wife of Corey The Man of God) also talked, got pictures taken with, etc. He signed her journal telling her she was "scrumptious". Oh heavens. That man... is just amazing. We got three hugs each. It was glorious.

(And on the way back we did not get nearly as lost as we did on the way to, which is good, because when D.C. was a bitch in the daytime I did not want to see what it could do to us at midnight. When the great iPod search proved fruitless in the end, except for the banana taking up its space in the cupholder, we talked about deserts and continued to discuss Airbender. This is my kind of night.)

Also, waiting in the booksigning line at the store (Politics and Prose, if anyone is curious) I bought the Brother-Creature a birthday present, being a mug with historical mustaches emblazoned thereon. This is exciting because he will be home from his missions work to receive it... six months go by fast! We're going to pick him up at the airport tonight. I'm sure he'll be very tanned, skinnier from all the walking and prayer-walks, and pretty considerably hairy. His girlfriend has been relentlessly cleaning her house. How strange it is.

Has anyone done a long-distance thing with family/friends/significant other before? I don't mean just for university unless you're across the country or something, I mean something like this where you do not see them (except through the very infrequent skype) from six months or longer... the person starts to feel more abstract, if that makes any sense. I don't particularly like that. My siblings and I, my immediate family and surrounding circles are rather close. I'm wondering, partly out of curiosity and partly because he might feel Called to Africa or something next, what happens after six months? Do you this image you hold combined with the voice you hear every so often on the phone become something you just ease into, and it eventually does feel more comfortable in the space where Brother/Sister/Parent/Friend/Lover/ect used to be? I'm pondering distance these days, it's very fascinating in a physical sense, but the possibilities are ever more endless when you account for spiritual, emotional, and mental distances as well. It'd be interesting to hear some outside thoughts on it.

But yes. Clearly, I should write a poem on it, I think there's actually some good lines in there! Amidst the babble, that is. ^^; I beg yo' pardon. In the meantime, I should drink some tea and relax, I got very little sleep last night and I don't think I'll be getting much tonight, either. Brother-creature's gonna be four hours off and wanting to tell stories. Good gracious. XD

And, in closing, I want to write a story about decompression sickness.


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