Sunday, September 11, 2011

Regular and Thoughtful Updates? Pssh, eat me.

The following journal update is brought to you by sleep deprivation and corn chips--hmm, that's possibly not right (but not unduly entirely inaccurate). I think it's probably time for a change or summat though?

I've noticed some peculiar trend with internet sites that I've posted on (deviantArt, livejournal, fb, whatever)... I tend to introduce myself to all and sundry fairly seriously, if not formally, so going through archives reveals regressively more pretentious entries--fact being, after a few months I get tired of pretending to be pretentious and instead let comments and entries get increasingly (dumb) (stoopid) casual.

So really, I'm just sayin', if you weren't aware of it already, I'm a big pile of ridiculous who stabbed m'self in the eye with mascara when the VA earthquake did get around to rolling her way. And then I caught crap for going right back to makeup but sheesh! Clearly it was an earthquake the instant the rumble started, I already went and stood in the doorway for like, two seconds, before I got bored and went back to business (okay, maybe there was a little swearing involved, but c'mon.).

Okay, yes. I've got the earthquake thing out of the way, yes indeed I was there and no, it wasn't too exciting after all. Five bonkzillion people were a-callin' me afterwards, but I'd gone to the bookstore with friend Natalie (Wife Of Corey The Man Of God) and would've been all "Guuurl, I'm looking at BOOKS" but our phones didn't work so there you go. But I've posted about it, so since it's on the internet it's official: it happened to me, too. I reckon the same might happen with Irene.

(Re: Hurricane: Stay safe, kids! If any of you duckies live on the east coast, be good darlings and wear your rainboots and DON'T DRIVE THROUGH THE BIG PUDDLES OKAY.)


I realize that I've unintentionally started a weird thing with updates here, I mean weirder than what I said above. I only tend to update when I've got exciting news because these makes me look like more of an exciting person than I really am. I assure that I'm really rather unproductive, a lot less happens in my life than it looks like (which might be a little sad, aha). Anyhow... book!

That woodcarving book I talked about a couple journals ago ([link])? I HAVE AN ADVANCE COPY AND IT IS GORGEOUS AND YOU SHOULD BUY IT. Seriously! It looks so pretty! If nothing else, go look at the pretty, glossy pictures of Jim's hands doing the step-by-steps, it looks way cool and makes my text look unimportant. The ultimate release date looks to be the 24th(?) of Sept., I might therefore be yoinked away by the Boss Lady for a book-signing.

Okay. I'm clearly demented tonight, sooo... I-Imma stop typing soon, 'kay? I'll try and do stuff at some point so I can update with more interesting things. Also, I refuse to apologize for my chronic fear of answering/replying to anything--or did I just do that? Dang.


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