Thursday, February 2, 2012

*something stirs*

Hmmm.... so it seems I've been hibernating for... all of winter, perchance? I probably should post an explanation.

In case you missed it, I broke my right wrist about a week before Christmas in a dramatic awkward roller-blading mishap high-speed bus-top duel versus an evil space dictator who broke my sword over his knee before I clocked him in the gentleman's region, hurling him off a cliff before tearing open the bus with my bare hands, boxing the dinosaur henchman who was driving it like a maniac for control of the wheel before bloodying his nose and parallel parking the thing like a boss before gently leading screaming children out of the blazing remains, shooting down the paragliding fish with their own machine guns with one hand and writing a FANTASTIC and award-winning screenplay about it with the other. I just happened to somehow, at the end of all this, end up on a smelly and dusty wooden floor while young people twirled circles around me and Britney Spears' "Toxic" blared on the loudspeakers, curled up on my arm going "Hey. Heeeeeeeeeeeey Naaaatalie, t-this? Something wrong. This wrist, it is not right. Ow. Geez. Haha owwwww. It's not's like it should be. It's all weird, owww."

(At least part of that is true. Probably the dueling-the-space-dictator part. If only you guys knew how safe my day job keeps you.)

(And yes, in case someone wants to know, I am right-handed. Or at least was. Having that arm out of commission was somewhat inconvenient.)

Anyhow, after spending some time engulfed in bandages and a strip of plaster from knuckles to elbow, and less in a brace, I've been ordered by Bone Dude to set my arm free and try and do stuff. Which, of course, makes me miss the brace. Fingers are fing-ing okay, but it's stiff, and many things cause pain, and my arm doesn't flip over and my wrist certainly doesn't like bending and turning. Still... I'm out of excuses. Online accounts are like a garden, you gotta tend 'em. Er. I don't know if anyone missed me THAT much, but hey! I should do stuff, and it's good exercise, typing.

What has everyone been into, in the meantime? I can tell you, I've been digging sweatpants (no zipper! is easier on my hand, though I still can't bring myself to wear 'em in public), Tylenol, Mulan, BBC's Sherlock, Kindle Fire, G.K. Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday, trailers for the first Hobbit movie, Benedict Cumberbatch in general, the badass four-inch scar along my right forearm, and Claire Yaxley's english rendition of "Isn't it Beautiful / Suteki da Ne". Among other things.

Right then. On to writing again. :)

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